Potentate's Ball 2020

Alzafar Shrine Nobility Ball 


Nothing More Exciting

Our Potentate's Installation Brings a Surprise to Texas, San Antonio, and the Shrine Auditorium


Masonic History on Display

 George Washington’s Inaugural Bible will be coming to Alzafar for the Potentate’s Ball and installation ceremony on February 29 at the San Antonio Shrine Auditorium! 


And Party the Night Away

 The Potentate’s Nobility Ball will take place from 6 PM - 11 PM on Saturday, February 29.

 a New Orleans-styled Masquerade Ball (tux/suit, dress/gown, festive beads, masks, etc.), with copious amounts of outstanding food, libation, entertainment, and dancing throughout the night .

 Stop in at the Hurricane Bar for great potation and enjoy the music and stage-show put on by the Spazmatics.

 Call your Shrine Offices to Reserve (210) 496-1625